Escape Lines Memorial Society

WW2 Escape Lines Memorial Society (ELMS)

Registered Charity No: 1148116

The WW2 Escape Lines Memorial Society is dedicated to the ‘helpers’, escapers and evaders who either organised or used the escape lines of mainland Europe during WW2. Our membership is made up of former WW2 ‘helpers’, escapers and evaders, their families and friends, historians, researchers, and others who are interested in our aims.

Our aim is to preserve and commemorate the memory of the ‘helpers’ of the escape lines and of the ‘helpers’ who worked alone, in order to teach successive generations about their vital role in WW2.

Without those brave people, many Allied soldiers and airmen, who found themselves stranded behind enemy lines, would not have been able to return to the UK to continue the common fight for freedom; they would have been captured, or dead. They have never forgotten the people who helped them.

The ‘‘helpers’’ of the escape lines aided Allies of many nationalities by sheltering, feeding, nursing, and guiding them – they did this at great cost to themselves and their families – many paid with their lives for their selfless acts of humanity and courage towards total strangers.

ELMS is a non-sectarian, non-political and non-nationalistic Society. We are a UK based organisation and have many friends, members and representatives around the world.

E.L.M.S. actively seeks contact  with former ‘helpers’, escapers, evaders, their families and descendants.

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