The Bravery of Fr. Anselmus - A New TV Documentary

23 December, 2019

The Bravery of Fr. Anselmus L A New Documentary

Thanks to family members, a new 15 min TV documentary has been produced for Dutch Television dealing with the life of Antoon Musters (Fr Anselmus). 

As a young priest during WW2 in occupied Rome he was active in the Rome Escape Line. In May 1944 he was captured by the Gestapo, interrogated and tortured but refused to betray his colleagues in the Escape Line. 

While being transferred to a POW Camp in Germany, he escaped from the train in Florence and made his way back to Rome just as it was being liberated by the Allies in early June. 

His bravery under severe torture, saved the lives of many of the Rome Escape Line members, including of course Hugh O’Flaherty. 

Nephews of Fr Anselmus, Louis and Jac Raaijmakers, were behind the TV Documentary and have added English Sub-Titles for those of us not versed in the Dutch language. 

Click on the Link below for the Documentary.