M. Stanley

Molly Stanley from England had come to Rome to learn the language. She stayed there for the rest of her life and proved to be a very valuable ally to the Monsignor because of her intimate knowledge of Rome.

Molly lived with the Duchess of Sermoneta, where she was employed as a tutor to the children. The Duchess was a close friend of the Monsignor and this is how Molly came to meet him. When she met him first he was doing card tricks for Onorato, the son of the Duchess.

Molly became a huge help to the Monsignor in his work, in particular helping with the supply of food and visiting hospitals and prisons. She accompanied the Monsignor around Rome (he was much less suspicious if seen as a couple), but struggled to keep up with his long strides!

Her many duties included keeping spirits up at Christmas as she helped to prepare presents for all those in hiding.